Dungeness Crab “Catch and Cook” on the Columbia River

Dungeness crab limits

On November 12, we head out with Layden Black and a few of his buddies to catch some great eating Dungeness crab on the Columbia River. With cameraman Sean on board, our goal was to film an episode for Addicted Fishing. With a lot of our episodes lately, we enjoy preparing some of our catch to give viewers different ideas to cook them. In this episode we do one of my all-time favorite cooks…. crab cakes.

Watch the full episode on Addicted Fishing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgsR0IUTjqY&t=907s

The crabbing starts off great with a couple of pots pulled and a few keepers. It was enough to let us know that there were plenty around so we started to let the pots soak. While they’re resting on the bottom we use snares on fishing rods and add to our totals. A short time later we pull the pots and head home.

Disaster strikes….

While heading back from Astoria, we have an unfortunate accident. A deer decides to jump in front of my truck going 65 mph and hauling the boat. There was little that we, or the deer, could do to avoid getting hit. Fortunately there isn’t a lot of filming during this time and damage to the truck was only cosmetic so we were able to get it home.

Crab Cakes

One of my all time favorite way to enjoy fresh Dungeness crab is to make it into a simple cake. There’s nothing that I do differently than most others, but I think to get a really good crab cake depends on the thickness as you make the batter. I go through this process and make a couple variations of cakes, and top with something a little different, you’ll have to watch the episode to find out.

I run these trips through the winter with a lot of emphasis on the time before the commercial crabbers go in. You can still get limits after they have started but it can be a little more hit and miss. It’s easy crabbing with pots being deployed in less than 35 feet of water. Head to my booking page to join us as we catch some of the best crab in the world.

To book a trip, click the link: https://gonecatchin.com/book-a-guided-fishing-trip/

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